Lovely Lessons

16 Feb


My Mom gets credit for making Valentine’s Day more than a “him and her” event but instead an “us” type of day. Ever since I was small I get chocolates from my parents—a little sweet token of their love—and now also a cute card, signed “Love Mom and Dad.” This still means so much because they don’t say “I love you” as much as they should. Not enough to each other, to me, to my brothers, and even to their siblings and parents.

And I’m just as guilty.

Day in and day out I get absorbed with my writing, with work, with barn chores, with bills, with life. So when Cupid comes calling I take the jab from his arrow as a little reminder to get off my derriere and do something special for those I love.

This year it was a dinner party for my family with delicious courses—of course—stirred, stewed and steamed by yours truly. I also hide those chocolate kisses around the house so as my family goes about their day they come across these sweet treats—a little kiss—that is bound to leave a smile on their lips.

Then there is showing love to all the pets that surround you and love you unconditionally. An extra treat for your dog, stopping for five minutes and giving your animal a pat without any interruptions, adding extra grain to the cows ration.

It’s not always easy and sometimes hard to keep up, but at least we get a reminder once a year whether we need it or not. And don’t be disheartened, after all, love and kindness are the hardest things to give away since they keep coming back.


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